Australian Embassy

Marriage in Morocco

Australians getting married in Morocco

Marriages are not performed or registered at the Australian Embassy in Morocco.

If you're an Australian citizen who intends on getting married in Morocco, you might be asked to present a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (also known as a No Objection to Marriage Letter, a Certificat Célibat de Coutume, or a Certificat de Non-Opposition au Mariage) - or in short, a CNI. This is a document required by Moroccan authorities by which you declare you are not currently married and are free to marry.

You may complete our application for a CNI online, print it, do not sign it, and bring it to an appointment at the Embassy with your Australian passport, along with a copy of your partner's ID or passport.

Fees apply.

You may also read the Australian Government's Smartraveller Advice on getting married overseas.

For further information on the requirements to getting married in Morocco, you should contact your nearest Moroccan diplomatic mission, as we are unable to provide further information on Moroccan requirements.